Sunday, July 14, 2024

Dutch Startup Creates Bio-receptive Concrete that Filters Air Pollution: Eco-friendly startup

This might be one of the most Eco-friendly startup which can be the biggest game changer in the construction and architecture industry. Although architects and building maintenance managers may be afraid of the sight of concrete buildings turning green, those at Dutch startup @gorespyre see it as a sign that things are going according to plan. .
Auke Bleij and her team are pioneers in the use of bio-receptive concrete. They claim it allows for the prolific growth of moss. They claim that moss can be used to create facades and is not invasive.

Moss is a natural CO2-to-oxygen converter. It also absorbs and removes pollutants from water. Bleij added that it requires little maintenance and looks great. It is also graffiti-resistant. He also said that the application of mossy concrete can actually protect the surfaces or walls from weathering in an effort to win over the maintenance managers. This will extend their life expectancy.

It can be used on existing structures or concrete elements can be made bio-receptive right from the beginning. If these could work as it showed then it can vanish all the problems related to the buildings and architecture.

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