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This Unexpected Product That You Can Use To Clean Your Toilet

The bathroom is one place that needs daily cleaning in order to stop bacteria from spreading. A study by the National Science Foundation found that 27% of tested households had yeast and mold growth on their toilet seats. Although it may seem tempting to grab a heavy-duty cleaner, if you clean your toilet every week as recommended, you could be exposed to harmful fumes and harsh products. But you can avoid all such things.

Denture cleaning tablets contain a lot of the same chemicals as household cleaners, These tabs are also available in solid tabs that simplify your cleaning and help you save space in your cabinets.

How Do They Work?

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The primary function of denture tablets is to remove stains and kill bacteria. They contain mild bleaching agents and baking powder to alkalize water. The alkaline water makes bacteria more likely to survive. This all seems a bit scientific but if you read it one more time you will learn how it actually works Baking soda bubbles work as a mild abrasive, helping to lift dirt from dentures without causing damage. Interestingly enough, that’s also the purpose of most toilet cleaners

The most common cleaners include bleach, hydrochloric acids, and a blue tint to neutralize any yellowing of the porcelain. Chloramine gas is formed when bleach and ammonia are combined. The Washington State Department of Health states that this substance can cause respiratory problems, irritation to the throat, and even pneumonia if inhaled.

How To Use Denture Tablets To Clean?

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It comes in 3 forms gel, paste, cream, and tablet form. It’s easy: just drop a few in the bowl of your toilet and wait for it to bubble up. After it has cooled, you can scrub the bowl with your usual toilet brush. You will see a sparkling toilet bowl, which won’t make you feel dizzy from the chemicals. These tablets can also be used for other hectic cleaning jobs, like removing buildup from shower heads, and lifting stains on mugs, The tablets’ gentle abrasive qualities and bleaching capabilities are ideal for many jobs. However, be careful not to accidentally bleach fabrics. You can store the tablets under your sink once you are done. This will make cleaning much more enjoyable and safer.

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