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Link between Anxiety and Intelligence

Anxiety is a part of day-to-day life and it can arise from any situation covering personal or professional problems. Having a social interaction or a job meeting can trigger anxiety. There is no reasonable reason for nervousness, as indicated by the Cleveland Facility. All things considered, almost certainly, there are various triggers, including heredity, injury, natural factors.

How Your IQ Impacts Your Mood

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A study was published in 2018 by Intelligence discovered that people with high IQ had a greater chance of being diagnosed with attention deficit disorder (ADD),It was not a casual survey because more than 3,000 members of Mensa, an organization made up of people who are regular high-scorers on standardized IQ tests. It is to be noted that among them 20% were suffering from natural disordered like anxiety while 26% percent claimed to have been diagnosed with other mood conditions, such as depression or bipolar disorder. Individuals with a summed-up uneasiness jumble (Stray) would in general have higher intelligence levels and stress more.

What Causes The Relationship Between IQ And Anxiety?


There could be a number of reasons why people with higher IQs are more at risk of suffering from anxiety (via Psych Central). Logic is among those factors, as people with higher intelligence tend to approach situations more empirically. Sadly, for them, numerous circumstances in life are not predictable and changing and can’t be overseen exclusively by considering them logically triggering the sensations of stress and anxiety. Moreover, those with high knowledge likewise have higher identity mindfulness, which can prompt them to put weight on themselves, as well as elevated degrees of compassion and a solid feeling of perception

How to come out from Anxiety Disorders ??

These situations arrive from a scenario where things don’t go according to you or you are left out hanging out with the wrong people which affects your mental health in daily life. The main thing to know science behind it. what actually happens is some chemicals in your brain decrease which is responsible for producing happy hormones and to bring it back one needs to cut off from caffeine or quit smoking eat veggies and do activities like yoga and meditation. Cutting off on Alcohol can also help in this situation as well.

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