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Celebs who slept with 1000 bed partners

These celebs weren’t afraid of stating the number of bed partners they had ever within their whole life span. Make sure you read it fully because big numbers are coming up soon.

Jennifer Coolidge

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Actress said her job as Stifler’s mother in ‘American Pie’ is to thank for such a huge number. In a meeting with Assortment, she said, “I got a great deal of play at being a M.I.L.F. furthermore, I got a lot of sexual activity experience by doing ‘American Pie,'” adding, “There were many advantages of doing American Pie. At the end of the day, as far as I can remember there were around 200 individuals that I ever laid down with.

Charlie Sheen

charlie sheen
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The legend from ‘Two and a Half Men’ star reportedly stated in Maxim in 2000 that he spend his night with at more than 5,000 women, but there were less than 5,000 occasions—he also admitted that he is a fan of threesome.

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